Dragonfish Bingo Sites

All the bingo sites which operate under the Dragonfish network are considered to be some of the best bingo sites online. This is because Dragonfish has been running the show for bingo sites for many years now. But not all Dragonfish bingo sites have been created equal. Even if the differences are somewhat minor, they still do exist. So, it is better to get to know which sites are considered to be the most popular. In this way, you can start your bingo adventures without wasting anytime looking for the best brand around.

Glitter Bingo

One of the top-rated Dragonfish bingo site is Glitter Bingo. Now just by hearing the name you would imagine all colors and glitter. So when you enter the website, you will not be disappointed at all. The theme and graphics have been so nicely designed that you will just be staring at it with your mouth wide open.

So, now on to the signing up process. Again as with all other bingo sites under the Dragonfish network, it is pretty simple. Just by entering your personal details and depositing an amount of £10 you will be able to win yourself a bonus of 300%. In addition, those players who deposit more than £10 will also be able to win themselves a free glitter evening bag. What’s more is that you will be able to make your choice between gold, black, and pink.

Other than that, quiz nights are hosted on the 24th of every month in which you will be able to win some amazing prizes. For those people who deposit more, they will be able to gain access to exclusive bingo rooms where they will be able to play bingo for free.

Glitter Bingo had been launched at just the perfect time for Christmas. So instead of sticking with the traditional gold and silver glitter, it has added multi-colored glitter as well. This is indeed a very modern bingo site which hosts all types of bingo games. All in all, it is truly a great site to play your bingo games in.

Circus Bingo

The next bingo site which is ranked very highly is Circus Bingo. So as soon as you get into their website, Pablo the Peanut will be there to greet you. This will instantly lift up your mood in an instant and excite you to discover more in this website.

A 350% bonus welcome package is offered to all the new players. As for those players who deposit £10, they will also get the chance to play the game “Pop Pablo’s Nuts”. In this way, you will be able to win a further 5 pounds.

Among the other promotions which are provided is High Striker. This is basically five very easy challenges which will be set for the players every month. Since they are no difficult, they make it very fun and exciting to play. The way Circus Bingo welcomes its players is very distinct compared to other bingo sites. It refers to itself as “the greatest show on earth”. So while there is still some concern over this statement, you cannot deny that they do take the extra effort into making this bingo site stand out from the other ones.